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About Us

Humanity Organics LLC is committed to offering only the highest quality organic products for your family.

Your kids are only young once, and it goes quickly.  Bed-sharing is an important and special choice that provides a great connection and first rate safety for your child. That's what we think, and years ago our thoughts connected with our actions.  We invented a simple, yet profound device that solves some of the main concerns that people face while bed-sharing, like comfort and safety.  Because we believe in materials that are good for the earth, all of our cotton is 100 % certified organic. Our pillows are filled with a tree fiber called kapok, it's an all natural eco friendly pillow fill. When we offer products from other companies, we are careful to only provide items that show a REAL commitment to our planet. Because we like people, we care about our customers and ensure good labor practices.



Maine U.S.A.


Humanity Organics-Earth friendly organics for your family and planet, home of the Original Bed Top Sleeper, makes co-sleeping a breeze, for breastfeeding and bonding in the family bed, prevents roll offs, 5 feet of roll off protection, absorbs leaks, 3 absorbent layers of organic cotton, wonderful when co-sleeping with more than one child, Dr. recommended and endorsed co-sleeping product, the 'perfect' maternity body pillow for the mama to be, keep the family bed safe-visit safebedsharing.org for safe co-sleeping tips, Stand Up and be counted @ co-sleepingsurvey.com