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Tweet tweet!

Posted by Cheri on 8/15/2010 to Breastfeeding
Tweet tweet! Follow breastfeeding in the news.

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World Breastfeeding Month

Posted by Cheri on 8/12/2010 to Breastfeeding
World Breastfeeding Week might be over, but it's still Breastfeeding Awareness Month, so we're going to continue promoting the beautiful act of breastfeeding all month long. Really at Humanity Organics we promote breastfeeding all year long! One of the cornerstones of our business is helping moms achieve successful, long term breastfeeding. visit FamilySleeper.com

World Breastfeeding Week

Posted by Cheri on 8/7/2010 to Breastfeeding
World breastfeeding week comes to an end, but August is also Breastfeeding Awareness Month!  follow our tweets and blog as we continue to promote breastfeeding all month long.
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Did you breastfeed?

Posted by Cheri on 8/3/2010 to Breastfeeding

Did you breastfeed?

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It's world breastfeeding week!! Breastfeeding rocks!

It's World Breastfeeding Week

Posted by Cheri on 8/3/2010 to Breastfeeding
It's world breastfeeding week!
join us in promoting breastfeeding.

take our breastfeeding polls and follow us on twitter for breastfeeding tweets-

Should a mom cover up when breastfeeding?  tell us what you think.

To breastfeed, or not to breastfeed…is that even a question?

Posted by Hugh on 7/22/2010 to Breastfeeding
The argument about breastfeeding, or formula feeding, rages on. Parents on both sides defend their position, but it seems like the pro-human milk side has an extra weight to carry. They are not only accused of successfully doing what some said they themselves could not, but also for laying on “mommy guilt”. O the shame.