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World Breastfeeding Month

Posted by Cheri on 8/12/2010 to Breastfeeding
World Breastfeeding Week might be over, but it's still Breastfeeding Awareness Month! We're going to continue promoting the beautiful act of breastfeeding all month long.

Really at Humanity Organics we promote breastfeeding all year long! One of the cornerstones of our business is helping moms achieve successful, long term breastfeeding.

It's true that we spend 1/3 of our life sleeping. To a nursing mom this translates to 1/3 of their breastfeeding experience done during the wee hours of the night. Where does that leave moms? Well, if they choose to breastfeed that most likely means they're co-sleeping in some form.

What ever the family bed experience, there are a couple things all family beds have in common. Leaks... from mom & baby, oh the leaks! and roll off worries. How can parents get peaceful rest when the whole night they're worried baby is gonna hit the hard wood floor 2 feet below?

As parents  we experienced these same problems when nursing and caring for our babies at night. That's how the Family Sleeper came to be.  We designed the Family Sleeper click here to serve multiple purposes- Absorb leaks...it's no fun sleeping on crumpled, wet towels, and provide a roll off barrier for our little ones for worry free sleep.

The 4 layer flannel pad absorbs night time mishaps from mom &  baby and with a 5 ft. bolster/body pillow along the edge of the bed,  roll off worries are over.   Many moms report how the Family Sleeper  changed their family bed and breastfeeding experience.

We've had some really exciting changes to our product in recent months, including all natural kapok pillow fill and an additional layer of flannel to our pad, but our focus stays the same. Helping moms achieve successful long term breastfeeding which really can't be done without the family bed.  'For breastfeeding and bonding in the family bed' It's our motto!

We'll keep power promoting breastfeeding all month long, but we really love promoting it all year long!

As a special offer for Breastfeeding Awareness Month- All purchases of the Humanity Family Sleeper will receive a free organic cotton carry/travel bag (29.99 value). click here

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