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World Breastfeeding Week

Posted by Cheri on 8/7/2010 to Breastfeeding
World breastfeeding week comes to an end, but August is also Breastfeeding Awareness Month!  follow our tweets and blog as we continue to promote breastfeeding all month long.

We've been tweeting all week about breastfeeding- follow us on twitter

have you taken our breastfeeding polls? 

If not take them now and be sure to pass them along-

Did you breastfeed?

Should moms cover up to breastfeed?

Should formula be banned?

Did you ask for help when breastfeeding?

Did the family bed help your breastfeeding experience?

there's also a comment box so tell us what you think about breastfeeding!

Check the results to our polls here-

Did you breastfeed?

Discreet breastfeeding

Should formula be banned?

Did you ask for help when breastfeeding?

Did the family bed help your breastfeeding experience?

Support breastfeeding? pass our surveys along.  Sharing is fun! and it's easy to share our posts- just click your  favorite share button at the bottom of our blog post.
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