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To breastfeed, or not to breastfeed…is that even a question?

Posted by Hugh on 7/22/2010 to Breastfeeding
The argument about breastfeeding, or formula feeding, rages on. Parents on both sides defend their position, but it seems like the pro-human milk side has an extra weight to carry. They are not only accused of successfully doing what some said they themselves could not, but also for laying on “mommy guilt”. O the shame.

Are you co-sleeping? Me too!

Posted by Humanity Organics on 7/20/2010 to Co-sleeping

Are you co-sleeping? Me too!

"Are You Co-sleeping?Me Too" gives parents and parents-to-be the reassurance and confidence they need to snuggle up with their baby at night. As these real-life stories document, co-sleeping and bedsharing are not only safe but also more popular that you might guess - especially with babies!" Sarah J Buckley, MD, author, Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering www.sarahjbuckley.com

What started as a survey to show the numbers, quickly became a journal of the great effect co-sleeping has on families. From humorous to courageous, these short stories will uplift and empower all who read.

Committed parents from around the globe left thousands of tender and touching comments at The Great Co-Sleeping Survey, now categorized into over 30 co-sleeping specific chapters.

Over 300 pages of Heartfelt family bed affirmations. All from experienced co-sleeping families.