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  • How big is the pad? The pad is generously sized at approximately 36 inches wide by 58 inches long. It's large enough for a parent and a child so no seams to lay on.
  • How does the pillow separate from the pad?  Simply unsnap the pad and the pillow is released and can then be used separately as a maternity body pillow.
  • What materials are used to make the Family Sleeper?  Our pad is made from the highest quality organic cotton flannel.  Our pillows are made using organic cotton sateen and are filled with eco friendly recycled poly fill made from recycled water bottles. 
  • How do I care for my Family Sleeper? Machine wash the pad using a mild laundry product using cold or warm water to prevent shrinkage. The pad can be machine dried on low heat to prevent shrinkage or you can hang your Family Sleeper to dry. We recommend the bolster/body pillow be spot cleaned only.  The pillow has a hidden zipper to remove fill and wash the case if you choose (machine wash cold or warm water and low temp dry to prevent shrinkage) To keep your pillow clean you can also purchase an organic sateen body pillow cover here.
  • Does the pad move or shift while in use, and can the bolster cover my baby? The weight of the product keeps the pad in place. The added weight of Mother and child and our fabric made from a non slick flannel assures the pad will not move. Our bolster which is nearly 5 feet long and filled with roughly 5 pounds of fill can't be pulled over on baby. If baby is pushed or scoots toward the pillow the seamless design doesn't allow a crevice to form, obstructing baby's breathing space. Bed side rails or pillow systems don't have our patented seamless design for a crevice free sleep area.
  • Can my child crawl over the bolster? Yes, however, the Humanity Family Sleeper is designed to prevent a sleeping infant/child from rolling off the bed. The Humanity Family Sleeper is designed to be used by an infant/child and a commited parent. It is not recommended that you leave your infant/child alone on the Humanity Family Sleeper.