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Humanity Family Sleeper
The Humanity Family Sleeper

Humanity Family Sleeper

Part Number 10HPH
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Safety, Comfort, & Convenience with the Humanity Family Sleeper!

  • Our patented bed-top sleeper makes bed sharing a breeze! Prevents roll-offs. Large pad for mama and baby to sleep and breastfeed. Soft organic cotton to absorb leaks so no sleeping on wet sheets. Easy to use. No belts, straps or buckles. Pad stays in place. Doctor recommended and endorsed.
  • Removable body pillow is 'perfect' for the mama to be. Recommended by doctors, chiropractors and physical therapists.
  • Sleep peacefully knowing your baby is safely by your side, for nursing and nurturing with the Humanity Family Sleeper.


When connected to the pad, our full length body pillow offers a stable 5 ft. long roll-off protection for your baby. There's no need to push your bed against a wall (a known crevice hazard) or 'hurdle' a bed rail to get in or out of bed, and forget bulky pillows along the bedside taking up valuable sleeping space or allowing baby to fall to the floor. Our bolster takes up less than a foot of space and be can be placed to the very edge of the bed without worry of it falling.

And just because the new baby is coming doesn't mean you have to stop sleeping with your toddler or older child.  If you share your bed with more than one child the Humanity Family Sleeper is a must. Mama and baby can sleep safely on our absorbent pad and big brother or sister can sleep on the other side of mom. 


The bolster can be used before baby arrives! The pregnancy body pillow gives the mother to be a great night's sleep before baby is even born. The extra large sleeping pad is made of 3 thick, luxurious layers of 100% organic cotton flannel. Mom and baby get a super soft, super absorbent sleeping surface. The pad readily absorbs leaked breast milk from night time nursings as well as mishaps from baby. The Humanity Family Sleeper makes sleep time more comfortable while protecting your sheets and mattress at the same time.


The Humanity Family Sleeper was designed with extended breastfeeding in mind. Research shows that a main reason moms stop breastfeeding is because of the lack of sleep they experience.  Night time nursing is a breeze when you're sleeping next to your baby.  Bed sharing also gives working moms extra time to reconnect with their babies.

The Humanity Family Sleeper is easy to use, completely washable and made from safe eco friendly materials. 

The Humanity Family Sleeper is great when traveling. Turn new and different sleep environments into a safe and familiar family bed.

Sized to fit chidren from birth through toddlerhood. When your little one is ready for their own bed the Family Sleeper can go with them. No rolling out of their own bed either!

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